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Pulled Pork Snails

The tender meat of pulled pork is simply wonderful. In this recipe, we pack the meat in muffins, which guarantee a loose-light and naturally spicy taste. The main actor is the S! Pulled Pork Barbecue Rub.

Stuffed zucchini with bruschetta green olive from S!

Stuffed zucchini from the tube is a brilliant dinner when you have to go fast! We fill our zucchini with couscous and taste it with bruschetta green olive from STAY SPICED ! off – Parmesan over it, everything baked in the tube, the Mediterranean delight is ready!

Alpine fish with lemon

Greetings directly from the Alps with our S! Alpine fish spice and a great and healthy recipe for fish fans! The information is intended for two people and maximum enjoyment is of course with our S! Alpine fish spice guaranteed. Visually, this type of preparation is also an eye-catcher!

Banana Bread Cupcakes

You love banana bread? Then we have a topping for you here! And great banana bread cupcakes! How awesome is that? The ingredients are intended for 12 servings and the enjoyment is guaranteed.


Happy faces! Everyone who likes to give away would like to see that, that's the best thing about Christmas - if the surprise succeeds. With STAY SPICED ! Spices last the joy longer. You not only give away >> the funky spice tin<< but also real spice quality from our spice manufactory. And you are not only a trendsetter in design, but also in environmental thinking - 100% recyclable can, delivered in a pretty sustainable cardboard packaging and CO2 neutral! That's what we call joy!

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Recipe: Gazpacho

When you think of a soup, you always have a hot appetizer in mind. But for your summer feeling on the table, we have a very special recipe tip from top chef Roland Trettl for you. Its gazpacho is simply good for kneeling down – and with the right ingredients and spices, this cold-served Spanish v ...

Roland Trettl ́s: Scallops with spicy Chakalaka mayo

Your taste buds will get Cha-Cha-Cha
Dancing: This Extravagant Scallop Recipe
is super easy and goes really fast!

Roland Trettl ́s world's best curry falafel

"I would never have been interested in falafel if my wife didn't get it again and again. Falafel is the vegetarian counterpart to currywurst – but certainly healthier than the billions of curry sausages that are eaten every year." Quote by Roland Trettl from his book "Nachschlag"

Recipe: Poeled arctic char with wild herbs

Poel ... what?! Don't worry: poaching means nothing more than that the food is first bedded on vegetables and then doused with fat. Roland Trettl, top chef and SPICEteam member, shows us in this recipe how to prepare char deliciously with this cooking method. And we guarantee you: From now on muc ...