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Pepper blend "Black Gold"

Black gold has now become an irreplaceable pepper mixture from the house. The composition of three exquisite pepper varieties – Tellicherry pepper from India, Cubebenpfeffer from Malaysia and Bengali long-tailed pepper from Indonesia, which is considered an aphrodisiac in Asia – can inspire indoors and outdoors.


The pepper mixture goes perfectly with grilled dishes and various types of meat such as beef, lamb and game but also for snack fans the mixture is indispensable with tomatoes, cheese, salad, bacon and various sausages. A real all-rounder, which can also shine as an addition to a marinade. The unique interplay of the three pepper varieties ensures a special taste experience in all situations.

Good to know

The pepper trilogy from Tellicherry-, Cubeb and Bengali long-tailed pepper refines all spicy dishes with a pleasantly elegant spiciness and warm-sweet flavors. For all dishes from breakfast eggs to steak.

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the taste

The Tellicherry pepper resembles black pepper on the outside, but is one of the noblest pepper specialties in the world. It initially inspires with a woody and intensely spicy smell and has a pleasant sharpness in the taste. It is much more powerful, deeper, warmer and nuttier than black pepper.

 This is accompanied by the Cubeben pepper, which is quite mild in taste, but a tingling heat is also not to be missed. Fruity notes of lemon and eucalyptus give a pleasant freshness. The Cubebenpfeffer harmonises perfectly with meat, vegetable and game dishes. For the very brave, the pepper can also be used for chocolate desserts - for a wonderfully special taste combination.

 The third in the bunch is the Bengal long-tailed pepper, a real delicacy spice, which has a high proportion of essential oils. The long-tailed pepper tastes similar to black pepper, but is sharper, with a refined sweet, also warm note and a stimulating, slightly sour nuance. It is therefore particularly spicy and intense, but at the same time pleasantly sweet and harmonizes perfectly with meat, fish, cheese, wine sauces and also very well with Asian and Indian dishes. It gives sweet fruits such as strawberries and pineapples a special taste kick.

Tellicherry pepper, cubeb pepper, Bengali long pepper.
item number:
Recommended for:
1000 g
Degree of sharpness:
country of origin:
kühl und trocken lagern!
Average nutritional values per

100 g

calorific value

1293 kJ


351 kCal


3.1 g

- saturated with it

0.9 g


0.03 g


60.9 g

- of which sugars

27.4 g


10.8 g


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Pepper blend "Black Gold"