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Beetroot powder, fine

100% dried red beets hidden in a can. Gives a variety of dishes a special color note and ensures a great taste!


Suitable for all kinds of doughs, as well as for daring desserts. The S! Beetroot powder also goes very well  with fish and meat dishes.

Good to know

Beetroot powder is added to ice cream and fruit juices as a dye. It is also ideal for dyeing pasta.

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Are you as fond of hummus as we are? Then we have a tip for you: With a little STAY SPICED ! Beetroot powder gets the specialty from the Levant cuisine additionally an ingenious taste & color note! Here comes our favorite recipe for homemade beetroot hummus.

Roland Trettl ́s: Beetroot Dumplings

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the taste

The taste is unbeatable earthy-sweet.

item number:
Recommended for:
, , , , ,
1000 g
Degree of sharpness:
country of origin:
nach dem Öffnen kühl und dunkel lagern!
Average nutritional values per

100 g

calorific value

46.2 kJ


195.2 kCal


0.1 g

- saturated with it

0 g


1 g


8.4 g

- of which sugars

8.4 g


1.5 g


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Beetroot powder, fine